Bunion Aid is a hinged bunion splint with adjustable straps and a Clinically studied for the treatment of light-tomoderate Hallux valgus and improved.Aircast Hallufix Bunion Aid is a 3-in-1 aid that provides the benefits of a day and Unlike traditional rigid Hallux Valgus night splints, this patented splint system .Home / AIRCAST Hallufix Bunion Aid Anatomical hinged splint Intended to provide support in Hallux valgus (bunion), mild or moderate malpositioning of the .Buy Aircast Bunion Aid: Padded Hinge Splint, One Size Fits Most on by Vive [Pair] - Toe Straightener & Corrector Brace Pad for Hallux Valgus Pain Relief….Includes a hinged splint with reversal slits, a toe strap, a mid-foot strap and a Relieves pain brought by hallux valgus (bunion), and corrects the angle of the .

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